Apr 18, 2016

HRC Leaders attend the Society for Student-Run Free Clinics Conference

The SLU Center for Interprofessional Education and the Department of Family and Community Medicine supported six student leaders from the Health Resource Center (HRC) who attended the Society for Student-Run Free Clinics conference (SSRFC) in Phoenix, AZ this past January. The SSRFC promotes and supports health science centers that provide student-run clinics using a national interprofessional platform. At these conferences, the society provides workshops while the participating students give oral and poster presentations from all aspects of healthcare. Our SLU students presented their clinic models alongside other students from various institutions assisting with their universities student-run free clinic.

The SLU students pictured were accompanied by Dr. David Pole on this conference so they could present a poster of their efforts to restructure and advance the HRC as an interprofessional practice site. Doing this would help enhance interprofessional leadership roles for students within the HRC. Our students discussed the importance of having various healthcare professions for patient care and overall success within the center. The participating students were asked to give a brief description about their experiences throughout the SSRFC, which can be found below.

Here is a link to the poster presented by the students at the conference. For more information regarding this conference and any future opportunities of getting involved with the HRC, please contact the IPE office at ipe@slu.ed

SLU Health Resource Center (HRC) Team of MS2 and MS1 leaders attended The Society of Student-Run Free Clinics (SSRFC) national conference, held in conjunction with the Society for Teachers of Family Medicine (STFM) medical education conference in Phoenix, AZ. Pictured from left to right: David Pole, PhD, MPH; Alexis Webber (MS2), Patricia (Trixie) Amorado (MS2); Anh Ta (MS1); John Heafner (MS2); Lauren Klapp (MS2); and Krista Dollar (MS1)

Participating Student Commentary:

“The Society of Student Run Free Clinics (SSRFC) was an invaluable experience for me as an outgoing lead because it allowed me to engage in dialogue about shared experiences among other student run free clinics as well as learn practices that are in place that could work well at the HRC.  The best part of this conference was seeing other interprofessional clinics that were started by non-medical students and ways they worked with other specialties to provide patient care.” -Alexis Webber

“This conference was very eye opening because it demonstrated that other groups have solutions to our biggest problems… I went to the SSRFC with the intention of learning as much as I can from other clinics across the country to see things that we could implement in our own clinic. I specifically focused on physician recruitment, community involvement, and clinic flow… Additionally, I realized that our group does need to gather data for quality improvement, but we also need to have plans on what to do with our data after we collect it.” -Anh Ta

“The conference served as an opportunity for me to learn and network, but in reality its most important function was acting as a platform to teach the new leaders about our clinic in a more comprehensive fashion. Being around so many other student leaders with a broad spectrum of posters and ideas enabled the new HRC leads to ask us questions that had not come up in any of our other training sessions. I think that the conference positioned the new leadership to better understand the clinic earlier on in their leadership tenure.” -John Heafner

“Going to this conference I had a few goals in mind. I specifically was looking at ways to better our interprofessional leadership team, referral process, and expansion of the clinic. As a newly expanded board it is important that we learn how to create a fluid transition and work on improving communication between all the different schools that contribute to the HRC. This conference got some ideas rolling and hopefully we will see them play out in the next year.” -Krista Dollar

“The Student Run Free Clinic Conference was a great opportunity to bring students and health care leaders together to discuss different facets and operations of student run free health clinics from across the country. The events I believed were the most profitable were the many poster sessions and oral presentations scheduled throughout both days of the conference. Having a former lead and a new co-director to look at each presentation enabled us to discuss how different techniques or projects could be applied to the HRC, what has and has not worked in the past, and what the HRC could really use in the future.” -Lauren Klapp

“Going to the SSRFC conference was a great experience for two main reasons: 1. It was refreshing to see that other clinics had the same roadblocks that the HRC has and 2. We were able to see how other clinics overcame problems that we seem to be running into at the HRC. Running the HRC is sometimes an overwhelming order, especially when we are constantly trying to improve the clinic for the betterment of our patients and our volunteers. The SSRFC conference really helped me by being able to talk to students from other clinics about how they overcame expansion issues and how they incorporate all their services into their clinics smoothly.” -Trixie Amorado

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