Sep 2, 2016

Expansion of the IPE Clinical Practicum

The expansion of the IPE curriculum over the past three to include an optional Academic Minor in Interprofessional Practice for undergraduate health professions students has enabled us to add two applied experimental courses. One course is the Interprofessional Clinical Practicum (IPE 4905) and the other is Interprofessional Health Outcomes Research (ORES 2320) in collaboration with SLUCOR.

The IP Clinical Practicum has expanded significantly with over 45 students in AY2015-16. The CIER has expanded partnerships at Cardinal Glennon, SLU Hospital, SLUCare, and in the community to provide students opportunities to experience the various settings and methods of practicing interprofessional collaborative team-based care.  We would like to acknowledge and express our appreciation to all the following sites engaged in the 4905 course.

Current SLU/SSM Partner Sites Include:

  • Cardinal Glennon Cleft Palate Clinic
  • Life Care Senior Center (SLU Geriatrics)
  • SLU Deep Brain Stimulation and Movement Disorders Clinic (Neurology and Nero-Surgery)
  • SLU ALS Clinic
  • SLU Multiple Sclerosis Center
  • SLU Speech-Language and Hearing Clinic
  • SSM-SLUH Rehabilitation Clinic

Current Community-Based Partners Include:

  • Delmar Gardens Nursing Home, Creve Coeur
  • Family Care Health Centers, Carondelet
  • Nazareth Living Center
  • Nurses for Newborns
  • Places for People (Health Care Home and Assertive Community Treatment Teams)
  • Seasons Hospice and Palliative Care
  • St. Anthony’s Hospital Hospice Care

Any SLU or SSM Clinics that would like to collaborate with the IPE Clinical Practicum course, please contact David Pole at to arrange a site visit.

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