Oct 30, 2016

ASAHP Conference and the Development of the SACS Instrument

This fall semester, our Assistant Director, Dr. Leslie Hinyard, MSW, and Research Assistant, Eileen Toomey, joined forces with the facilitators of our Introduction to Interprofessional Health Care [IPE 1100] course at The Association of Schools of Allied Health Professions [ASAHP] conference to discuss their development of the Self-Assessed Collaboration Skills (SACS) instrument. ASAHP is a national professional association for administrators and educators who are concerned with critical issues affecting allied health education. They aim to “unify all the various disciplines that comprise allied health into academic units with a single administration.”

Toomey and Dr. Hinyard as well as Dr. Katie Eliot, RD, LD and Dr. Anthony Breitbach, ATC from IPE 1100 presented work on the development of the SACS instrument because they “found that much of the IPE literature calls for us to develop collaboration skills in our courses, but no empirical research uses collaboration measures to assess whether IPE courses are effective in improve those skills.” In order to have validated measures, this team adapted and made revisions to the Collaborative Self-Assessment Tool (CSAT) in order to help them develop the SACS.

Once the development process for this instrument measure was concluded, the members of this team decided to attend ASAHP to present their efforts to the members of allied health professions at different universities. When discussing the outcome of this presentation, Toomey stated that the presentation was very well-received & she’s thrilled about the team moving the SACS instrument forward at various conferences this upcoming year.

“We are looking forward to attending the Collaborating Across Boarders Conference in October where we have submitted two presentations; one is focused on the IPE 1100 curriculum development that delivers authentic collaborative team-based learning experiences in an introductory IPE course led by Dr. Eliot and Dr. Breitbach. The other is on the assessment of the effectiveness of this course on developing collaboration skills using the SACS that Dr. Hinyard and myself will be conducting,” Toomey explained.

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