Oct 9, 2013

Katie Eliot Presents at IOM Workshop

Katie Eliot, PhD, RD, LD, Presented at the Institute of Medicine's Global Forum on Innovation in Health Professional Education Workshop: Assessing Health Professional Education, October 9-10, 2013 in Washington D.C.

IOM Global Health Workshop Poster

Poster Title: Transformative Teaching and Assessment in an Interprofessional Applied Decision Making Course

Kathrin A. Eliot, PhD, RD; Irma Ruebling, PT, MA; Rebecca Banks, MSW, LCSW

Objective: To explain the innovative model used in an IPE course to help students analyze and reflect on complex patient situations.

Background: The IPE curriculum at Saint Louis University offers a longitudinal, integrated curriculum across baccalaureate-level degree programs for health care professional students.  A 3-credit course, Applied Decision Making in Interprofessional Practice, prepares students to demonstrate the tenets of patient-centered care through the engagement of ethical principles in a three-step decision making model and the development of a caring response as an interprofessional (IP) team member.

Process: As part of the course requirements, students complete an analysis and written reflection on case studies that relate to the topics covered by lectures and reading assignments and require the application of patient-centered care and ethical principles.  The three-step process consists of an individual analysis of the case, an IP team analysis of the case and a recommended course of action for the team to take, and an individual critical reflection on the case and the team decision-making process.

Outcomes: The first two steps in the critical reflection assignment provide students with social interaction and experiential learning in which IP teams discuss options and come to consensus for patient-centered care approaches to real-life cases.  The third step in the assignment encourages reflective learning in which students assess changes in their views about the case and consider the impact of this transformation on their future actions.

Implications: Students who have participated in this experience report a transformation in their views of the cases and an increased ability to interact with an IP team.  Course outcomes and feedback suggest that students are able to assess their responses to ethical situations and the need for communication among the IP team and patients.

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