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      Date: Aug  4, 2015
     Title: Q&A with Eileen Toomey

Last week we bid adieu to Clair Reynolds, an amazing help involved with Interprofessional Education and Interprofessional Practice research.

This week we welcome a new research expert who will be taking over the reigns.  Her name is Eileen Toomey and we expect her to continue the incredible work that Clair accomplished and take our research to new heights.

Ms. Toomey is much more than a brilliant number cruncher so get to know her more by reading the full Q&A after the break.  We cover her research background, her personal background, and fears that keep her up at night.

Please state your name for the record.
Hello, my name is Eileen Toomey! :)

I understand you’re not from around here…
Yes, so I am a Chicagoland area native (and yes, a born and raised Cubs fan). For undergrad, I attended a small liberal arts school called Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana (go Bulldogs!) where I was able to discover and explore the I-O field.

So just to explain to our viewers, I-O stands for Industrial-Organizational Psychology. Did you start out in undergrad as an I-O major?
Actually yes. I found out about I-O from one of my teachers in high school.

I-O is a pretty new or at least up and coming field, I’m surprised you found out about it that early.
Yea, I was really lucky because I knew I wanted to do psychology but didn’t know if I wanted to do the clinical aspect of it. So I-O was kind of perfect for me.

Did you ever consider any other field?
I debated for a little bit about accounting, but I figured I would get bored pretty quickly.

So you thought about accounting and ended up with I-O. It sounds like you like working with numbers at least.
Numbers make sense to me. Luckily I didn’t go through that college-life crisis like a lot of my friends did who couldn’t decide what they wanted to study. Also, older cousins of mine always talked about things that frustrated them at work or how things could be different or how management structure should be different. I-O can help solve a lot of those problems.

So what are you up to now?
I am currently entering my third year as a graduate student in the Industrial-Organizational Psychology program here at Saint Louis University and am working towards my M.S./PhD. I am working on my thesis and I’m the Graduate Student Representative for my program helping communicate events and information from the faculty to my fellow graduate students.

Sounds very official. What does an Eileen Toomey do for fun?
Well when I don’t have my head buried in journal articles or data, I like going to hot yoga, traveling to visit my family and friends around the country, exploring restaurants, bars, and going to breweries in St. Louis with friends.

Are you excited to get going here?
Yea! I’m excited to join the Center for Interprofessional Education and Research team. I hope to help move IPE research forward using my I-O background. Specifically I want to aid CIER in research design to better evaluate IPE courses/seminars and demonstrate the value of interprofessional education and collaborative practice in the healthcare field.

So you’re filling some big shoes…and by that I mean small shoes… :) Clair was pretty helpful in getting you up to speed?
Yes I truly appreciate Clair Reynolds – who previously had this position – for passing on her knowledge and wisdom, and all of the CIER team for giving me this opportunity to get involved with their initiatives and research!

Are you kept up at night worrying about the coming alien invasion?
No, I do not stay up at night worrying about alien invasions, but I do stay up worrying that the silverfish in my apartment may revolt against me and roommate for killing all of their friends!