HCE 2010 Foundations of Clinical Health Care Ethics

HCE 2010 - Foundations of Clinical Health Care Ethics

3 Credit Hours
Required for Minor in Interprofessional Practice

This course introduces students of all health profession disciplines (including nursing, pre-medicine, physical therapy, occupational therapy) to the ethical dimensions of patient care and offers them the basic language and methodology with which to critically examine these dimensions within the context of interprofessional practice. The course will provide an introduction to basic ethical theory and introduce students to a method of decision-making, alongside discussion of various issues and topics in clinical ethics. Topics include informed consent, withholding and withdrawing life-sustaining therapies, medical futility, chronic and long-term care, conflict among clinicians, insurance and payment issues, and healthcare rationing and allocation. The course format emphasizes active case discussion, giving students ample opportunity to practice team-based decision-making and reflect on clinician-clinician relationships and communication. These cases will engage both issues that are unique to individual health care professions and issues that are shared with other clinical health care profession.

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