IPE 1100 Introduction to Interprofessional Health Care

IPE 1100 - Introduction to Interprofessional Health Care

1 Credit Hour

Prerequisites: None

Required course for Concentration in Interprofessional Practice
Required course for Minor Interprofessional Practice

This course is designed to provide students in health care professional programs with introductory knowledge of interprofessional teamwork within an evolving health care system.  The purpose of the course is to introduce concepts in interprofessional education to health profession students for collaborative patient, family, and community health care.  The philosophical and theoretical foundations of interprofessional health care are explored.  Interactive learning experiences provide the opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding of each professions contribution to health care.  This is a foundation course for future interprofessional study of evidence-based practice, health promotion, issues of health care delivery, and clinical application of these concepts.


IPE 1100 - Course Faculty (2016 - 2017)

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