IPE 3500 Health Care System & Health Promotion

IPE 3500 - Health Care System and Health Promotion

3 Credit Hours

Prerequisites:  IPE 1100

Required course for Concentration in Interprofessional Practice
Required course for Minor Interprofessional Practice

This interprofessional course provides students the opportunity to examine and discuss the interaction between health professionals and the health care system. The students are introduced to the health care system through study of issues of health care cost, access, and quality as well as current strategies for improving the health condition of the population. Students also study concepts and principles of health promotion and disease prevention applying them in developing a strategy for health promotion for a specified population. Through readings and class discussion the students will be able to gain insights of the influence of political and economic environment on health care and on the practice of the professions. Students will examine the significance of health promotion, interprofessional collaboration and teamwork, and other health care reform strategies as means for improving the health status of the population.


IPE 3500 - Course Faculty (2016-2017)

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