IPE Programs and Courses

The Goal of IPE

The goal of interprofessional edication (IPE) is to prepare learners for interprofessional collaborative practice (IPCP). IPCP has been identified as one method to improve the quality and safety of patient care. The IPE programs also work to develop student skills and competencies as collaboration-ready practitioners health, and cost effective care delivery. (Course listings below, *indicate the Concentration in Interprofessional Practice - these are embedded in current program curriculum for designated health professions programs. Students earn their degree with a concentration in IP Practice. Additional course are included in an optional Minor in Interprofessional Practice).


Concentration in Interprofessional Practice

Interprofessional learning experiences are embedded into many of the undergraduate health profession programs offered at SLU.  Thus, graduates of these health profession programs also graduate with the Concentration in Interprofessional Practice.  Listed below are those undergraduate programs:

  1. Nutrition and Dietetics (B.S.)
  2. Occupational Science (B.S.)
  3. Athletic Training (B.S.)
  4. Physical Therapy (B.S.)
  5. Nursing (B.S.)
  6. Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapeutics

Concentration Required Coursework:

IPE 1100 Introduction to Interprofessional Health Care
1 Credit
IPE 3500 Health Care System and Health Promotion 3 Credits
IPE 4200 Applied Decision-Making in Interprofessional Practice 3 Credits
IPE 4900 Interprofessional Community Practicum Experience 2 Credits
Total Credit Hours 9 Credits




Minor in Interprofessional Practice

Students wishing to further their knowledge and skills may also choose to minor in Interprofessional Practice.

Minor Required Coursework:

All Concentration classes listed above (IPE 1100, 3500, 4200, 4900)

9 Credits
HCE 2010 Foundations of Clinical Health Care Ethics

3 Credits
ORES 2320 Interprofessional Health Outcomes Research

2 Credits
IPE 4905 Interprofessional Practicum Experience
2 Credits
Total Credit Hours 16 Credits





CIER collaborates with the Albert Gnaegi Center for Health Care Ethics to offer HCE 2010 and the Saint Louis University Center for Outcomes Research (SLUCOR) to offer ORES 2320.

Post-baccalaureate Interprofessional Education

At the post-baccalaureate level, CIER offers an Interprofessional Team Seminar.

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